The Biggest Secret To Having A Millionaire Mind

by Dave Brahimi

Do you want to know the biggest secret to having a millionaire mind? Well, there is something that is a truth to help you succeed at anything in life. Memorize this. Internalize it. Know it.

Thoughts -> Feelings -> Actions -> Results

What you think leads to how you feel, which leads to how you act, which leads to your results.

If you think that your spouse cheated on you, then you will feel angry about it (at least, I hope so!). That may lead you to have a fight, which may lead to divorce. If it turns out your spouse didn't cheat on you, that is a very bad result! What you think (and of course, why you think it) matters.

What does this have to do with having a millionaire mind? Well, what you are taught directly or indirectly about money will affect how successful you are at getting at keeping a lot of money. For example, if you are taught that the rich are evil and selfish, your brain literally will stop you from becoming rich because it doesn't want you to be evil and selfish. If in the media, all you see are rich people who do illegal things to keep their money, you will think that all rich people are crooks. This simply is not true!

Another example - many people think sales is sleazy. It isn't sleazy - if you sell with integrity. And many sales people do. Yes, even used car sales people! I can name countless times I interacted with a sales person who told me NOT to buy the most expensive thing. Yes. Seriously.

The point is that you must change your inner thoughts - including the subconscious ones - to change your thoughts surrounding money, wealth, and the people who have it.

That's why personal development is so important!

T. Harv Eker, has a great book that addresses this called "Secrets of the Millionaire Mind". He teaches that your income is like a thermostat - you won't stray from where the thermostat is "set". If you are used to making $50k a year, even if you lose your job, you'll end up with another (or two) that will have you earning around the same amount. Notice how millionaires, even if they are broke, seem to bounce right back to being millionaires? Their monetary thermostat is set higher.

To change your income and your business, you need to change your thermostat and that starts with your subconscious! If you think that you can be rich and that there is nothing wrong with it, you won't feel bad and will act accordingly - which will give you good results.

So, how do you go about changing your subconscious? I urge you to work on self development every day. Read (starting with Harv's book). Listen to podcasts. Take courses. Go to webinars. Work on that mindset every day. If you do, then you will start to notice a shift. And with that shift will come more skills and more success.

You literally have to change your mind to change your business. It can take time, but if you are CONSISTENT, it will happen for you!

The bottom line is this: if you are not getting great results in your business, take a look at your results. Take a look at your actions. And then figure out why you aren't doing what you are supposed to be doing and fix it.

If you check out my resources page, I have a bunch of recommended reading, courses, videos and other great content that you can consume to expand your knowledge and increase your thermostat!

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