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I decided to start make a website because -  

- I am really intrested in helping to change people's lives. Don't get me wrong - I'm no Tony Robbins - but I do believe I can help de-mystify the world of cryptocurrency & help people improve their financial health. I want to help people get to financial freedom and I strongly believe that cryptocurrency is the future and can be a lucrative part of your financial plan.

But I also realize that everyone is in different places. Some of you may have no idea what cryptocurrency is! Some people have no financial plan, or think they are too broke to have one. Some of you may have a plan and it's growing, but you're curious about this "bitcoin thing". Either way, I can help.

This website is going to start with the basics. If you don't know the basics, you can't grasp the more advanced concepts, can you? I find that most blogs completely skip this part. So, if you know all of this - great. I still encourage you to read on. You may pick up a thing or two. My website will be covering a bunch of topics, and they may seem to not be connected - but they are. I'll be talking about mindset, how to build an online business, the basics of money, how to achieve financial freedom, and the world of cryptocurrency, including bitcoin. How do they all connect? Well, to be successfull at anything you need the right mindset. Self development is extremely important. To get financial freedom (I'll cover what that means in a later post), you have to know what you are doing - which is why we will be covering the basics of money (you will be surprised at what you learn!). Cryptocurrency is one way to invest that I strongly recommend as being a part of your plan for financial freedom. Speaking of financial freedom, I'll explain that that really means and how you can map our your own custom plan to achieve it. Starting a business is a great way to achieve financial freedom. Especially a business that will generate passive and/or residual income (I'll cover what those things are as well). There is so much to talk about - what kind of business you may want, how to make it successful, online marketing - the list goes on. I can help simplify things so you can make the right decisions for yourself and add that stream of income. Or hey, you may quit your job and work your business full time! You have unlimited potential and unlimited possibilities. I look forward to going on this journey with you. If you have any questions or have any topics you want covered, I invite you to contact me! I'm happy to chat and to get your questions answered.
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The Reasons Behind The Bitcoin Drastic Rise in Popularity

Although Bitcoin has been around for years, it's only in recent times that it has started to take the world by storm. Remember that Bitcoin is a decentralized payment network and a type of cryptocurrency. Over time, it has exponentially grown in usage, popularity, and price. Why?

Some say it's because everyone is jumping on what they see is a business opportunity or investment. Others may point towards the increased exposure in the media, but there's no denying that it's spreading like wildfire. In fact, the value of Bitcoin is now well into the thousands, which demonstrates exactly how quickly it's progressing.

Here are some of the biggest reasons behind the staggering rise in popularity.

Complete Security

Nobody wants to get exploited by a hacker after an online purchase! People want the comfort of knowing their data is safe. With conventional forms of payment, such as credit and debit cards, you're always going to be vulnerable to fraudulent activity - you have to give them personal information. That's the appeal of Bitcoin; it allows you to make secure transactions without using your personal information because of its strong encryption. Your data cannot be stolen!

Global Recognition

Social proof! When something has proven to be popular, it ends up being more popular! There is a perception that popularity will give something legitimacy - people will feel comfortable investing in Bitcoin. And since more and more businesses accept Bitcoin on a regular basis, that helps further the legitimacy; which makes it even more popular.

Completely Anonymous

Bitcoin is linked to a public ledger and all of the entries are encrypted. You cannot see an entry with the ledger unless you have a key - and that key will only give you access to a particular entry. This means it is highly secure and nobody will be able to tell your identity. Your personal data is actually not even in the public ledger! Being able to do public commerce with anonymity is important to many people - yes, even law abiding ones. This is a huge factor in Bitcoin's rise in popularity.

Quick and Efficient Transactions

Bitcoin transactions are simple, fast, and efficient. And who doesn't like that? You don't have to wait to get access to your money when you deposit a check or have limits like some payment processors like Zelle or Paypal.

Comfort in Technology

More and more people are using technology on a daily - even hourly basis. Cell phones are now so common people assume you have one! We are doing more and more online every day! This wasn't true 10 years ago. Bitcoin came at the right time. The more comfortable we get with technology, the more popular Bitcoin will be.

Incredible Investment Opportunity

With Bitcoin's value continuously rising, many folk are joining the investment bandwagon! The more people invest, the hire the value. It is becoming the preferred investment choice of so many people, and even more have just simply added it to their overall investment portfolio.

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We help people get financial freedom by leveraging the power of passive income, residual income and multiple streams of income. Want one of those streams to be a home business? Perfect. We got you. Do you want to invest? Yup, we can help there too!                     

Things You Can Buy With Bitcoin

The Unknown Advantages Of Bitcoin


Did you know that Bitcoin isn't just an investment? Or a way to "hide money", as many people perceive Bitcoin? You can actually buy some very common things with it! So, what can you buy with bitcoin?

Bitcoin's increasing popularity is being accepted by many companies although it isn't a solid form of currency. In fact, there are now over 100,000 merchants across the world accepting Bitcoin all over the world!

This means that the choices for what you can buy with it are countless, and you may actually be surprised by some of them. Generally speaking, if you have enough Bitcoin in your wallet, there are very few things these days that you won't be able to purchase. 

One thing that caters to both is a smartphone app that creates a QR code. Make sure you consult professionals to ensure you are implementing it correctly!Shopify: If you have never heard of Shopify, it is a website where you can set up your own individual store to sell products. People sell all kinds of things and it is a popular way to start a home business. Shopify allows you to accept Bitcoin as a method of payment. It is in the "sell" section as you may want to consider using Shopify in your business - but also note that there are Shopify stores that will accept Bitcoin.

Overstock.com: This company operates in many different countries in addition to the United States. They offer something for everyone, as the online retailer's huge range of products includes things such as jewelry, clothing, and electronics. They accept Bitcoin in all of the countries that they operate in.

Heifer International: This is a charity that helps to combat hunger and poverty all over the world. They accept multiple types of virtual currencies, including Bitcoin.

Newegg: Newegg sells computers, software, electronics, home tools, and toys and is pretty popular as they have competitive prices. They proudly accept Bitcoin!

Microsoft: Yes, Microsoft accepts Bitcoin! You can add bitcoin to your Microsoft wallet to make payments for their products.

Starbucks: Breaking News! Starbucks, as of August 2018, is actively working to accept Bitcoin in its stores! This is huge as Starbucks is all over the country and acceptance of Bitcoin in a brick-and-mortar retailer will popularize Bitcoin even more.

Dish Network: More Breaking News! Dish is a satellite company that competes with cable. They just announced in August they will be accepting Bitcoin for their subscription payments!

How You Can Sell with Bitcoin

If you want to take your business to the next level, then you should consider offering a Bitcoin payment method. Although it may sound complicated, it's actually very simple to implement. But it largely depends on whether you're an e-commerce or brick-and-mortar store. If you're a physical store, then you'll need to obtain the relevant software, along with a hardware terminal. But, if you're an online store, then you can just have it programmed into your site by a professional. 

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